No job is too big for Rite Fix Automotive! Years of expert training has led this team to a valuable list of successful repair solutions. See below to learn more about how Rite Fix Automotive can help YOU!!!

Electrical Work

Window not working right? Light flickering? Radio not working the same?

It may be a fuse, but it could also be a wiring issue….
Kenny is known for his ability to understand the circuitry of your vehicle and all of its electrical components. He can trace down and trouble shoot all of your electrical issues. He will safely inspect, diagnose, and repair your problem and you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.

Transmission Service

Is your transmission giving you issues? Does your vehicle jerk in a certain gear?

Our goal is to repair, if possible; however when it is not, we are prepared to replace your transmission in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. Call us today and schedule a diagnostic appointment.

Engine Repair

Here are some of the more common components of most foreign and domestic vehicles that we perform repairs and services on, but not limited to:
• Engine Water Pump
• Engine Oil Leaks
• Engine Timing Belt
• Fuel Injectors
• Radiator
• Hoses and Belts
• Intake Manifold
• Cylinder Heads
• Exhaust Manifold
• Oil Pan
• Engine Coolant Leaks

Brake Drums or Disks

Do you hear that squeak or squeal when you were braking? What about that grinding noise when you’re trying to stop? Are you having to brake far longer before your stop than you used to?

Well… your brakes pads may be worn thin. That squeak or squeal you’re hearing is an indicator that they need attention, or possibly replacing. Considering the many parts that make up your braking system, from calipers to drums or even pads, it is important to have them checked regularly. You need to be in control of your vehicle’s momentum. Bring your vehicle to Rite Fix Automotive Specialists for a brake system check at a fair price. Our technicians will service your issue and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Computer Diagnostics

Since 1996, all vehicles have been built with an onboard diagnostic system designed to monitor the vehicle’s major engine components to control emissions. When a malfunction has been detected by the diagnostic system, it provides a warning indicator, like the check engine light, to alert the driver.
It is important to choose a mechanic that is well trained and has the diagnostic tools to retrieve trouble codes. The technician can then troubleshoot and determine what’s needed to remedy the malfunction.
Rite Fix Automotive employs technicians that have the diagnostic tools and the necessary certifications required to diagnose and repair most makes and models. Our skilled technicians will find the problem, provide you with an answer to your questions and give you a no nonsense quote.
We have developed strong relationships with area parts vendors to ensure that the parts needed to repair your vehicle can be acquired rapidly, getting you back on the road fast.

Differential Specialists

At Rite Fix we can protect your vehicle’s differential from wear and tear by replacing fluid that has broken down and become gummy over time. We can also correctly diagnose and repair the differential at a competitive rate with our warranty of service and guarantee of satisfaction.

Air Conditioning Service

Are you hot? Is your car a sweltering oven? Bring it in to Rite Fix Automotive Specialists and let one of our certified technicians bring you cooling relief. We will perform a thorough inspection and provide you a quote that won’t burn a whole in your wallet.

Our certified technicians:

Inspect the condition of compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
Check accessible components for leaks or damage
Check the operation of the air conditioning compressor and other air conditioning parts
Evacuate the refrigerant from the cooling system
Vacuum test the cooling system
Recharge the air conditioning system using the appropriate refrigerant following the manufacturer’s specifications

Shocks and Struts

Does your car ride like a stage coach? Do speed bumps make you nervous?
It looks like you might need to come in and let us help you with your suspension. Call us today or come in and see us.

Timing Belts

If your timing belt is off, then your whole car is off. As they say “Timing is everything”. Come by and we will fix or replace your timing belt and get you back on the road today.